The Evolution of Man
A Question to the Community

Do you think that transgender people should be required to have a letter from a therapist in order to begin hormone therapy? What about for surgeries?

This is the movie of my journey to Serbia for my metoidioplasty.

Making Ice

16 degrees outside + sprinkler :-)

Program Suggestions?

As many of you know I am the administrator/creator of a transgender mentorship program at: As I get more mentors and people seeking mentors it has become increasingly difficult for me to keep track of everybody. Up until this point I have been doing manual data entry into excel, but it simply does not have the capabilities that I am looking for. I’m thinking something more along the lines of a human resources database, where I can create individual files for each person, and keep notes in there about correspondence, transition information, and which people they are assigned to. 

Do any of my readers have any experience with such programs? Any suggestions? I have done some research looking at a few different ones, but suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks.

Can transgender people become physicist? Or get a well paying job?

Absolutely! There are many successful transgender people. Being transgender does not reduce your potential in the least. Biology, physics, chemistry, etc. If there is a career field that you want to study, go for it - and don’t give up.

The Biology of Being Transgender - It’s not just in your head.

A brief overview of some of the biological causes for variation in gender determination and development.

My in-law’s reaction to my coming out as transgender after 7 years living stealth, and my response to their reactions.